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Queens Hotel, Leeds  |  15 June 2017

Low Carbon Award










This Award will be given to the company which can best demonstrate enhanced carbon management through initiatives such as improved resource efficiency, the use of alternative energy sources and solutions designed to achieve energy saving across their supply chain.





The award is open to any chemical product manufacturing company. Following initial judging, applicants will be notified if they have been short-listed by 28 April. The winner will be announced at the Chemical Industry Awards Dinner on 15 June in Leeds and a representative from each short-listed company will receive an invitation to attend. Winning applicants should be willing to participate in publicity.





The judging panel will be adopting a flexible and wide-reaching approach to selecting a short-list and winner, looking for innovative approaches across the whole area of energy management at site/company level or in the broader supply chain. The criteria considered will be:


  • Demonstration that all initiatives took place as part of an overall carbon management strategy
  • Evidence that either overall energy consumption or energy consumption per unit of output decreased during the period
  • Demonstration that the company/site is managing its energy usage in a variety of different ways, with descriptions of each technique being used (eg: process improvement, alternative energy use).
  • If the energy/carbon savings have occurred across the supply chain, quantification of the energy/carbon reductions made as well as descriptions of the partnerships in which you have engaged.





The judging panel will consist of the Sponsor, a CIA member of staff and at least one independent expert.





Entries to be made electronically, in confidence to Mike Lancaster on the Entry Form, signed by a member of the company leadership team, by 10 April 2017.





For further information please contact:


Mike Lancaster


Kings Buildings

Smith Square


SW10 3JJ


Tel: 01430 421077






All information provided in the entry form will be treated in the strictest confidence. It will be used solely for the purpose of judging.


Applicants will be consulted in case it is wished to use some material for future publicity purposes or for development of case studies.


Please click here to download the application form.

(Document opens in PDF format. Contains fillable form fields - for optimal viewing please use Adobe Reader)

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